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Keep NZ Earth Building Standards up to date - Updates - Givealittle

  • Nearly there!     2 December 2019

    We have just udjusted the target amount we need to raise to $38,000. This reflects the need to raise $23,000 to cover the last invoice from Standards NZ.

    Thank you everyone for your ongoing support!

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  • Nearly there!     29 November 2019

    The Public submission phase is now complete and the Drafts have been updated. There is now one final hurdle to pay for the publishing costs on the 28th December 2019.

    These standards are going to be an even better tool to de-carbonise the built environment and provide healthy, safe, Non toxic standards.

    They are within our grasp! please help us make a positive contribution to the NZ and world built environment.

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  • Another milestone reached!     10 October 2019

    We’re another step closer to the publication of the updated Earth Building Standards. The submissions/comments phase is complete and there was a lot of interest and a great many comments were received. Standards NZ plan to have the three standards approved by the Standards NZ Board and published early in 2020.

    Once published the NZ Earth Building Standards will be available for free!! Another great reason to support this initiative.

    Many thanks to all the donors to date, we have raised enough for the next payment due this month but we still need to raise the final amount for publishing, due at the end of November. At this stage the Government/MBIE have given us no indication they will support this process financially, (even at this late stage for such a small amount). We still need your help to get this over line. Please consider sharing our campaign in your community or contact us directly if you have any contacts or other avenues we can pursue to raise this final amount.

    Many thanks again, from all the Earth Building NZ team.

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  • Fundraising Update     2 July 2019

    Good news! We have reached an important milestone of this process - the three draft earth building standards have been released for public consultation. The consultation on these draft standards is for eight weeks and it ends on 11 September 2019.

    The draft standards can be viewed on the Standards New Zealand website -

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are so touched by all the generous donations we have received including many direct donations. We are pleased to announce that we will be reducing our goal to $35,000 to reflect what we have raised to date.

    If you haven't seen it yet we have a message from our Chair Pat Mawson here -

    Every donation has helped us get this far. Please spread this message to help us over the line and we'll have the updated published standards by the New year.


    From all the EBANZ team.

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