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Each year literally hundreds of students learn to swim in our swimming pool. We need community help to save it from permanent closure.

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Built in 1925, the swimming pool at Whangarei Primary school has served successive generations of our community for the past 93 years. During this time, literally thousands of young people have learned how to swim in it. The pool forms an integral part of our health and physical education programme. Being a coastal city, we believe it is essential that all students learn water safety skills. All students receive swimming lessons at least twice a week during the summer months, and are encouraged to use this facility each lunchtime as a further opportunity to develop their water confidence and skills.

The pool was originally built as the public baths for the fledgling Whangarei city community. At some point in the 1970s or 1980s ownership of the pool was passed over to Whangarei Primary School. The school has been responsible for meeting the ongoing upkeep and maintenance of the pool since then.

A new pump and filter system was installed in the pool facility in 1965. This system has served the community well, however after more than 50 years of operation, and despite a regular programme of maintenance, it has finally reached a point where it has suffered a critical breakdown; rendering it beyond repair. It is going to cost $278,000 to effect the required repairs and upgrade.

Unfortunately over the past decade many schools in New Zealand have been forced to close their swimming pools due to funding issues. Our school school Board of Trustees are determined to not let this happen to our school pool. But to do this we desperately need your help. Any support that you can provide, is gratefully accepted.

Use of funds:

The funds will be utilised to install a new pump and filter system, installing a new skimmer system, and replacing all of pipes that service the pool. They will also be used to upgrade the changing room, pump room, and sheltered seating area.

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Whangarei Primary School first opened its doors in 1872, five years before primary school education became compulsory in New Zealand. The school is a Decile 4 school, and the largest primary school in the province of Northland. We have a diverse population representing over 25 different nationalities, reflecting the increasingly multi-cultural make up of our country. Some 43% of our students are of Maori decent. Our vision is 'Kiwi Kids who are global citizens, equipped for success as lifelong learner'

“Past pupils”
“An oldie but a goodie a keeper for future generations. Thank you whangarei school for taking on this challenge for future generations to enjoy”
“Looking forward to using the pool 😁”
“So many good memories of that iconic pool. I think the greater population of Whangarei would have learnt to swim in that pool, before the Olympic Pool was built. I swam as a student there, had swimming lessons with the fabulous Mr and Mrs Brunker, attended the Okau Swimming Club and every holidays we had a key to the pool. Needless to say a good deal of my childhood was had at that pool.”
“1963- 1968”
“What a great cause - good luck!”
“I went to swimming club in the pool in the early 1960's before the Olympic Pool was build in town.”
“Dear School, we would love to see the pool saved. Maybe do the minimum required to get it up and running first ? $278,000 sounds like way too much ? Kind Regards”
“This is where I learned to swim in the 80s! We need to get it up and running for the next generation.”
  • $3,803.00 donated
  • 41 generous donors

$3,803 donated


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