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When the body becomes a BATTLEFIELD

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My father has been battling terminal cancer for over 15 months. The battle has been painful, ugly, unfair and simply unforgiving.

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When the body becomes a BATTLEFIELD.

My father has been battling terminal cancer for over 20 months.

Cancer does not discriminate, it leaves behind a trail of destruction and each day Dad prepares for what may be his final battle.

The battle has been painful, ugly, unfair and simply unforgiving. We have seen a great man suffer physically as his body fails him and emotionally as he fights the frustration of the war inside his head.

About 16 years ago Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer and went into surgery, at the time it was thought to have been a great success. However, the cut was not clean and some cancer cells were left behind to manifest. And that they did.

The prostate cancer has metastasis to almost every main organ of his body. Including his liver, his lungs, possibly his kidneys, it is in his blood, his lymph, and his bones. The bone cancer has been causing deliberating, teeth gritting, pain through his right side of his body and has set at spreading through his pelvis and into his spine. Since May 2017 he has gone through two rounds of radiation, we have recently tried an oral chemotherapy - not to stop the cancer - but to help to manage the pain and pressure on his failing organs and body.

This man has accomplished more in his life than anyone could imagine. His love has always been on the water and rowing was his sport. He rowed, and won, in the Royal Henly Regatta, he has competed for New Zealand at the Commonwealth and Empire Games and he wore the Fern for New Zealand as an Olympic Athlete. He has done great things for his sport. A devoted father and successful businessman in his day, Dad has walked the earth with pride and dignity. Two characteristics which this evil disease is taking from him.

One of his final accomplishments of this life has been to give his little girl away. On January 4th 2018 I had the privilege of walking own the aisle with my father at my side. In the walls of his own home, where the celebration took place, he raised his glass in toast of celebration of life and love. Only a few days following he was admitted to full-time care and is now cared for by a team of caring, wonderful nurses in our small hometown.

On Friday 2nd February 2018 he had a bad fall and things have gone from bad to worse. Since Monday 5th February 2018 he has been bed bound and his condition and health is deteriorating rapidly. We don't know if he has hours, days or weeks of suffering ahead.

So many people have asked what they can do to help, I never thought it would come to this. I am swallowing my pride and reaching out for help.

This page will go towards treatment for dad, helping to make him as comfortable as possible. It will go towards travel for family members, I have been travelling back and forth from Auckland and Kerikeri almost every weekend for the past 3 months. Keeping ahead with expenses and bills as EPA is handed over. And finally, anything not needed will go towards Hospice as they have been so great to him and our family.

Thank you from my heart to yours, this support will give us TIME, something which I cannot put a price on, as we share memories and shed tears together as a family.

Use of Funds:

Funds raised will be used for:

Care and treatment

Travel for family

Keeping on top of bills as we sort out EPA handover with family lawyers

Keeping us afloat as we spend time with Dad

What is not required will go to charity

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Nikola Boswell


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Darian Boswell

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Nikola Boswell on behalf of Darian Boswell.

  • $1,460.00 donated
  • 28 generous donors

$1,460 donated

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