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Will Burton misdiagnosed meningitis baby

  • A final thank you ...

      30 September 2015

    Well it's the end of September and our time here is almost up. Again, thank you all for the amazing support - you're generous donations, kind, supportive and wise words have meant so much.

    The ground swell of public support that forced Wellington Hospital to reverse its decision on not providing further life support for our son (if needed) was just amazing. You guys are the best!

    So, we're checking out now. No offence, but I hope you won't be seeing us in the news any more - no news is good news! But we'll never forget the way people have rallied around us and our dear little son William.


    The Burton family

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  • A lovely story we'd like to share ...

      9 September 2015

    One of our very kind donors to Will's cause has just shared this heart-warming story with us:

    "My little boy has just spent 10 days in Wellington Hospital, for meningococcal septicaemia and meningitis. He is OK because the GP treated him with antibiotics before sending us straight to the hospital, and the hospital did everything necessary from there. We are very fortunate that our case was treated with extreme speed, care, and attention, and that our little boy has not suffered like yours. I'm so sorry to hear things didn't go the way they should've in your case. It breaks my heart to think what you are going through. May you all have the strength and love to give William the life he deserves, and let him continue to improve and grow."

    This is a good story! Exactly what we want to hear. It was difficult to go so public with our story, but we knew it would be worth it. We are really happy that we have managed to raise awareness regarding meningitis and t have forced hospitals around the country to reexamine their procedures around babies and children presenting to emergency departments.

    William's doing well, a little it too well! He's sleeping on the couch at the moment ... sleeping through his usual dinner time (naughty boy!), but then he did have a big day at Conductive Education.

    Much love

    The Burton family

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    • 10/09/2015 by michelle

      Very happy to hear Will is doing well. Keep up with great work. He will be fully recovered. Lots of love to your family.

  • Good news ...

      26 August 2015
    Main image

    A long meeting at the hospital this afternoon. Paediatricians, ICU, palliative care, charge nurse, our GP and lovely respite caregiver, and all the family ...

    We managed to get our message across, people were listening and the end result is that Wellington Hospital will provide ventilator support again if it's appropriate. Such good news! and a little less worry for us all. Thanks for the support, we couldn't have done it without you.

    Much love

    The Burton family

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    • 27/08/2015 by michelle

      Very happy to hear the good news. Stay strong. Lots of love.

    • 27/08/2015 by Thomas

      That is encouraging news. Good to know that the hospital is being thoughtful and genuine about your needs as parents. Faith in believing that Will can and will get better is critical.

      Hope you will be able to provide a future update on how Will is doing at home and recent photos of the lovely little boy.

      We continue to keep Will and you guys in our prayers daily.

    • 27/08/2015 by Nichola

      This is the best news! At least they are starting to listen now. William is a fighter and I have no doubt with your support and love, he will continue to steadily improve and continue to defy the hospital's expectations.

  • A meeting next week ...

      19 August 2015
    Main image

    Wellington Hospital has indicated that they want another meeting next week to discuss subsequent interventions (life support) if Will needs assistance again. Our GP has hinted that they may be prepared to relax their harsh stance on further life support.

    We think that this is all down to massive amount of support we have received from everyone here! Thank you all, you've really helped us get our message out there.

    We'll let you know how it all works at after the meeting.

    Thanks for all the support.

    The Burton family

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    • 20/08/2015 by Sharon

      Given the grief and heartache they have already brought to bear on your family, I would have assumed they'd be bending over backwards to avoid causing you any more. Unbelievable. Anyway, I'm glad Will is back home with his loving family and good luck with the hospital meeting Derek and Wendy.

    • 21/08/2015 by michelle

      We have been constantly thinking about Will, and hope he will be taken good care of by Wellington Hospital. Please keep us updated. God bless.

  • A long week ...

      14 August 2015

    We're delighted to let everyone know that we finally have Will back home tonight. He looks very happy to be home again, and we are all chuffed to have our delightful son back and the family all in one place again.

    Again, thank you to everyone for the kind support.

    The Burtons

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    • 14/08/2015 by Vaughn

      That is fantastic news, to hear that Will is happy and at home with his loved ones really warms my heart. Wishing you, your amazing family and your brave, gorgeous son a wonderful weekend.

    • 14/08/2015 by Nichola

      Yay - go William! Such a determined little fighter! Wishing you all a restful weekend :-)

  • So much support!

      11 August 2015

    The kind words, shared stories and messages of support for Will and us continue to flow in. He is such a lucky boy.

    Lots of questions today about the DNR decision, and I've talked about this on Facebook here if you're interested:

    He's still in hospital tonight. Much the same. Unwell, but safe and cared for. Mum's tired!

    Thanks everyone.

    The Burton family

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  • An amazing day ...

      10 August 2015

    Today has been absolutely manic. The media here in New Zealand has really picked up on Will's story and given it a tonne of coverage. It has definitely touched a chord.

    The messages of support, the number of times our story has been shared, the generosity of our donors here has been overwhelming.

    Our story is spreading and I know we are helping those with similar experiences and those that will have a run in with meningitis. Our fund for Will is growing.

    We're honoured to be able to raise awareness in this way.

    I'm exhausted. Emotionally drained.

    Will is still in Wellington hospital tonight. He's off of his oxygen support and back on his steroids to try and tackle his tight, wheezy chest. His ever present, eternally vigil grandma is spending the night with him.

    We thank you all for the support today. We're very, very humbled by everything that's occurred today.

    Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.


    The Burtons

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