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Yoga Education in Prisons Trust - Help From Home 3

  • Your generous tautoko

      24 May 2021
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    “We have seen first hand how well this programme can work, it is also backed by research and hundreds of pieces of student feedback telling us how much this course has impacted prison life and brought positive change, how it improves relationships with others, and most importantly their relationship with themselves.

    “You see most paihere have a history of complex, interpersonal trauma, and unless this unresolved trauma is addressed the tendency to re-offend will remain. After all, hurt people, hurt people. Healed people, heal people.”

    This quote was from the launch of our crowd-fund campaign and talks about the profound impact of investing in our students. $190 funds one paihere to complete our distance learning programme, and we’re SO humbled and thrilled to share that we raised $8,670. Ngā mihi to everyone who generously donated and shared our mahi, we don’t take your tautoko lightly, and we’re feeling a lot of aroha that will help us in immense ways as we continue to show up each week for our students.

    The $8,670 raised will enable 45 more paihere to begin a journey of self-understanding, self-regulation and transformation. This will have a huge ripple effect, as cell mates teach cell mates (and it’s a big part of the later modules of our programme - we call it peer instruction), and inmates teach whānau and friends.

    If you are particularly interested in our aroha mahi, we now have quite an active Instagram account @yogainprisons_nz - join us there for more sharings about how the investment you made is changing lives of those who’ve struggled, until now, to believe anything more is possible. Whāngaia ka tupu, ka puawai - that which is nurtured, blossoms and grows.

    Ngā mihi nui, kia ora mai

    From the Yoga in Prisons Trust team

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