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  • Chalky and Isla.  

      created on 08 Sep 2017

    Bound together by Cancer. Chalky and his boys helping 7 year old Isla Lunn.

    Raised: $90,225.91

    Goal: $100,000.00

  • Forego a Friday for the Friends  

      created on 27 Aug 2017

    Donate the $100 you would spend on a Friday night out a to pay for life-saving cancer drugs for Paula, in the hopes of a cure.

    Raised: $81,139.60

    Goal: $90,000.00

  • Pillars  


    Pillars supports children of prisoners to give them the guidance they need for a positive future. We are making generational change.

  • Cure for Millie  

      created on 21 Apr 2018

    Miss a Merlot for Millie. How much would you pay to remain alive?

    Raised: $39,035.40

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Helping our amazing Karyn fight lung cancer  

      created on 10 Jan 2018

    Karyn is a non smoker who has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Please help us to continue her treatment which is unfunded in NZ.

    Raised: $34,596.11

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Cat Rescue Christchurch  


    Cat Rescue Christchurch helps the forgotten stray cats of Christchurch by having them desexed and rehomed where possible.

  • Eugenie's Glioblastoma Journey  

      created on 07 Feb 2018

    Eugenie's cancer journey has entered the next phase and requires non-funded drug treatment.

    Raised: $28,970.00

    Goal: Open Goal