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  • Support Agnes in her road to recovery.  

      29 days to go

    Agnes is a victim of a brutal assault during her travels in Spain. We would like to fundraise for her and her family during these times.

    Raised: $22,575.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Sloan family’s brain tumour journey  

      created on 14 Mar 2018

    Andrew has a tumour which occupies a large section of his brain. All money raised will support Andrew, his wife and three boys.

    Raised: $22,482.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Bring Our Birds Home  

      created on 20 Apr 2017

    'Bring Our Birds Home' is a campaign to save and recover 5 significant New Zealand air frames of historical and cultural importance.

    Raised: $22,335.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Isaiah's dream to walk  

      created on 10 Sep 2017

    Your donation could help change this little boy’s dream to walk independently into a reality before the window of opportunity closes.

    Raised: $22,083.52

    Goal: $120,000.00

  • Graysons Transplant  

      created on 11 Oct 2018

    Grayson's treatment options are running out. Please help us ease some of the family's financial burden.

    Raised: $21,936.66

    Goal: Open Goal

  • More Time for Megs (Megan Casey)  

      created on 09 Sep 2017

    Megan needs financial support to help pay for her unfunded bowel cancer treatment. To recuperate & spend quality time with her family.

    Raised: $21,611.90

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Ashton's fight  

      created on 16 Oct 2015

    Ashton's fight against Leukemia

    Raised: $21,419.00

    Goal: Open Goal