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  • Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue 


    We rescue and rehome the dogs that no one else wants to. Pitbulls, staffys, bull terriers and their crosses have a bad name because of how …

  • Gutter Kitties 


    Gutter Kitties is an Charitable Trust that rescues and rehomes abandoned, surrendered, and mistreated cats and kittens in Auckland.

  • Queenstown Cat Rescue 


    Queenstown Cat Rescue is a non profit registered charity dedicated to caring for stray & abandoned cats & kittens in the Wakatipu District.

  • Paws 4 Life Charitable Trust 


    Paws 4 Life Charitable Trust desperately needs help raising funding to continue to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals

  • ARRC Wildlife Trust 


    Arrc Wildlife Trust assists DOC and the public with the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife

  • SPCA Hastings & Districts 


    Hastings and Districts SPCA was established in 1967 and deals with hundreds of rescued animals each year at our purpose built shelter.

  • Hope Rescue South Auckland 


    What we're doing to make a difference: Hope Rescue take their job very seriously to help all the unwanted animals who can not help thems…