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  • Breastfeeding Cafe Taupo  


    The Breastfeeding Cafe helps mums reach their breastfeeding goals, providing information, support & encouragement from pregnancy to weaning.

  • DRC Southland  


    DRC provides quality Information and Equipment Aids to the people of Southland and Courtesy Hospital Van Services to the people of Invercar

  • Emergency Care Foundation  


    The Emergency Care Foundation is a charitable trust dedicated to enhancing emergency health care through research, education and innovation.

  • VO2 Challenge Ministries  


    Our goal for VO2 Challenge Ministries is to continue to provide a charitable purpose to our members to help them lose weight and keep it off

  • Depression Support Network  


    Our long term aim is to improve the overall health and wellbeing in the community by providing a network of community support services for