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  • Bring Mia and Mila back home 

      created on 02 Oct 2017

    Hello everyone, We are living in new Zealand since few years now and we would like to bring our pets back with us in our home country.

    Raised: $135.00

    Goal: $3,000.00

  • Surgery For Raxxy 

      created on 25 Feb 2016

    Hi my names Kayla and i'm trying to raisemoney for my puppy to get surgery.

    Raised: $129.00

    Goal: $1,000.00

  • Gabi's Surgery 

      created on 30 Oct 2017

    Gabi had her spleen removed in a life or death situation in the wee hours of the morning, fundraising to cover surgery cost

    Raised: $110.00

    Goal: $3,505.00

  • DOGabled 


    DOGabled supports children with specific needs by using appropriately trained and assessed dogs for animal-assisted therapy.

  • Neuter Ninjas - helping to desex your pets 

      created on 18 Sep 2017

    Want to help decrease the amount of unwanted puppies & kittens being born? Please donate to our fund and help someone desex their pet.

    Raised: $107.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Vegana Rescue 


    We're an animal rescue in North Auckland. We rescue, foster and rehome companion animals (pets) and farm animals in need.