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  • Fuel the Need  

      created on 23 Oct 2017

    Daltons Gym Charitable Trust feeds 50+ kids lunches every school day in Upper Hutts schools.

    Raised: $2,300.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Living Hope  


    The streets of Vladivostok, Russia, are home to countless numbers of young people. In 1998, one woman set out to change this. Rachael Hughe

  • Epic Ministries Youth Trust  


    Epic is the leading youth organization in Central Hawkes Bay providing localized response with a range of regular programs and initiatives

  • CatsnCare  


    CatsnCare was founded early in 2011 to care for and re-home stray, abandoned and abused cats and kittens throughout the Hibiscus Coast.

  • School of Hard Knocks  


    School of Hard Knocks is a registered NZ Charity that uses sport & fitness to tackle the issues surrounding unemployment, crime and health.

  • Aida Children's Fund  


    Aida Children’s Fund aims to provide equal educational opportunities for girls and boys in Afghanistan.