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  • Train the Trainer

      21 days to go

    Train the trainer - it's pay back time. All funds raised will go to help purchase more of the life saving drug Trikafta for Izaeah.

    Raised: $3,552

    Goal: $2,000

  • Therapy Dog for Zoe

      created on 21 Jun 2020

    A therapy dog would change Zoe's life by helping reduce her anxiety levels and giving her confidence.

    Raised: $3,630

    Goal: $10,000

  • Arias journey

      created on 27 Jul 2020

    Get Aria the rehabilitation support she needs to give back some of the childhood that was stolen by a reckless driver.

    Raised: $3,122

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Surfers Healing Aotearoa

      created on 02 Mar 2021

    Surfers healing is a non profit organisation that takes kids with autism surfing

    Raised: $3,025

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Room 6 donations

      6 days to go

    Help Pasadena Intermediate raise money for new digital devices and tools, classroom furniture and resources.

    Raised: $3,656

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Tryathlon Ellie

      created on 02 Apr 2021

    To purchase a specialized Trike for Ellie to take part in next years weetbix tryathlon

    Raised: $3,046

    Goal: $2,800