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  • Fuelling Hope

      created on 21 Sep 2017

    Marine reach is voluntary organization where medical ships serve and support the isolated communities of the South Pacific

    Raised: $11,580

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Neil's Wheels

      15 days to go

    Sponsor our team in the 2021 Christchurch Marathon on 11th April to raise funds to help our friend Neil buy and modify a wheelchair van.

    Raised: $11,003

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Drop for youth 2021


    Our Tamariki face many obstacles in this ever-changing world so we are inviting people from across the region to drop for youth.

    Raised: $14,947

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Chalky's Cars

      created on 30 Aug 2018

    Helping those bound together by cancer. We can't lessen the pain but we support ways in making it more endurable.

    Raised: $9,464

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Charli Barnard

      created on 20 Dec 2020

    To try to lighten the burden for the family by helping them financially, As this beautiful family would do for anyone else in need.

    Raised: $9,740

    Goal: Open Goal