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  • Bring "Kiwi Chopperman" Home  

      created on 03 Oct 2018

    Help bring Ian home to his family and to pay the unexpected and overwhelming costs related to the incredibly tragic loss.

    Raised: $26,045.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Butterfly Trust  


    Partnering with the people of Vanuatu in education and health to explore, build and sustain a future of their own choosing.

  • Ethan's Wish to Walk  

      created on 04 Jan 2018

    Ethan's wish to walk - fundraising to get Ethan walking with the therapy and surgery he needs to combat Cerebral Palsy.

    Raised: $11,615.17

    Goal: Open Goal

  • The Floating Foundation  


    Research, charity and adventure. Meet the organisation making waves and creating big impact in the South Pacific - the Floating Foundation!

  • 'Aroha Project' - A Leadership Home  

      created on 07 Oct 2016

    Rescue - not a moment or event but a process. Can you help me stay here to continue building a brighter future for the orphans I care for?

    Raised: $9,616.63

    Goal: $12,000.00

  • My Dad  

      created on 21 Sep 2018

    Dad’s Brain Injury Recovery and Hopefully Return Home. Unfortunately before his injury my Dad was between jobs and had no insurance.

    Raised: $8,725.00

    Goal: Open Goal