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  • TEC Family support fund

      created on 28 Apr 2021

    TEC Family Support Fund is a great way to enable anyone in the Energy Collective to support our extended family.

    Raised: $23,750

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Eye Care for Africa

      created on 23 Feb 2018

    It is Eye Care for Africa’s goal to work with orphanages to provide eye care to children in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya.

    Raised: $22,031

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Chandrakirti Prayer Wheel Project

      created on 22 Feb 2021

    Contributing to building a prayer wheel is wonderful, this way it becomes everyone’s project, this way everybody gets benefit.

    Raised: $9,704

    Goal: $16,000

  • Walk with Brad Tinsley's family

      created on 21 Mar 2021

    Brad left a beautiful legacy we all will cherish, but he never meant to leave a financial burden to his loved ones.

    Raised: $6,147

    Goal: $10,000

  • Cook Islands SPCA

      created on 12 Apr 2019

    CISPCA works to improve animal welfare across the Cook Islands.

    Raised: $4,582

    Goal: Open Goal

  • KAASO Covid Relief

      created on 12 May 2021

    Help us to cover staff salaries at KAASO during this difficult Covid period so that we can keep supporting students in desperate need.

    Raised: $2,800

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Get LMJW to World Cups and Beyond!

      created on 18 Jan 2021

    Help support Laura Molly Jane Wotton as she competes in the 2021 FIS Slopestyle World Cup circuit in pursuit of Olympic qualification

    Raised: $2,725

    Goal: $50,000

  • Covid Relief - 2021 for Sambalpur

      14 days to go

    There's an immediate need of monetary help to continue providing the Lunch and Dinner services, along with the Oxygen concentrators.

    Raised: $3,000

    Goal: Open Goal