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  • Waimea Plains Railway


    Help our volunteers now to carry on the momentum and we see you at our 2020/2021 Summer Season Running Days at Mandeville, Southland NZ

  • Breathing Space


    We're seeking to provide short term emergency accommodation for those who might otherwise be homeless or sleeping rough in the Invercargill

  • The 1000 Days Trust


    1000 Days Trust aims to be the vehicle of true early intervention to support families in Murihiku/Southland.

  • DRC Southland


    DRC provides quality Information and Equipment Aids to the people of Southland and Courtesy Hospital Van Services to the people of Invercar

  • MS Southland


    Help us to help other's with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's and Huntington's Disease

  • Winton Skate Park


    The Winton Skate Park committee consists of a small group of passionate community members who are committed to the development of this reso

  • Loss and Grief Centre


    The community Loss and Grief Centre in Invercargill offers a wide range of free support to anyone experiencing loss and grief.