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  • Hutt City Women's Refuge


    We provide support for the needs of Women and children throughout the wider Hutt Valley who need assistance from family violence

  • Gabby's Starlit HOPE


    Gabby's Starlit HOPE provides Random Acts of Kindness to kids in Taranaki District Hospital and supports Naki cancer kids and their family.

  • The WELLer Network


    The WELLer Network is an organisation dedicated to educating young New Zealanders about the prevention and awareness of cancer

  • SANDS Whakatane


    SANDS Whakatane need your help. We supply our local area with support & packs for anyone experiencing baby loss.

  • School of Hard Knocks


    School of Hard Knocks is a registered NZ Charity that uses sport & fitness to tackle the issues surrounding unemployment, crime and health.

  • Be. Accessible


    Imagine a world where every environment, experience and community is truly accessible! That is the world Be. Accessible wants to create.

  • Catlins Search and Rescue


    Catlins Search and Rescue is a volunteer organisation working closely with the NZ Police to help those lost, missing and injured.