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  • Otara Health


    With our work we aim to break the intergenerational effects of poverty and the issues that arise from it.

  • A Girl Called Hope


    Bringing Hope - strengthening the resilience, self-esteem and well being of women through residential and community programmes

  • The Shortbread Trust


    The Shortbread Trust support the basic essentials of life such as water, seed and tools for framing and shelter. We have no administration

  • Little Fighters Trust


    The Little Fighters Charitable Trust is a support Network which helps Families that are affected by a Life Threatening Illness which impact

  • Friends of Flora


    Friends of Flora (FoF) is a community group that believes our native fauna must be preserved for future generations, and it is our responsi

  • Care for families


    We are a non profit charity, that gathers new or used prem- 3 month old baby clothing, toys and extras to provide packs for Families in NICU