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  • Cool Bananas


    Cool Bananas are committed to inspiring kids to excel by creatively teaching life values from a Christian foundation.

  • YSAR Tauranga


    We aim to impart a love, respect and understanding for the New Zealand wilderness to College aged students through a SAR specific training

  • Wander Search


    This system offers a real sense of security for family members of those suffering from Alzheimers, Dementia or Autism.

  • Brown Owl Organics


    Brown Owl's goal is to provide its members with nutritious and safe produce and foodstuffs at affordable prices. The food is mainly certifi

  • Taranaki Retreat


    Taranaki Retreat is a time out space, a place to leave behind all the noise of life, to breathe deeply and reassess....

  • The Peace Foundation


    The Peace Foundation is a not for profit organisation working to build peaceful relationships nationally and globally.

  • Kiwi Family Trust


    Helping people to help themselves by providing valuable life-skills, access to our Empowering Youth Camps, and other essential services!