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  • Live More Awesome


    We're tackling depression head on with awesomeness! Inspiration then information around asking for help regarding depression.

  • Rape Prevention Education


    Rape Prevention Education (Rape Crisis Auckland)was established in 1975 . Its works towards elimination of sexual violence through educati

  • Auckland Zoo


    Auckland Zoo is home to the largest collection of native and exotic animals in New Zealand and a leader in wildlife conservation.

  • Auckland Roller Derby


    Auckland Roller Derby is an amateur roller derby team. That strives to be a league of athletes that trains hard and plays hard, with the co

  • Grace Kindergarten


    Grace is a wonderful little kindergarten in Ngaio, Wellington. Grace is fun, caring and inspiring.

  • Dementia Auckland


    Our mission is to break down the stigma attached to dementia and raise awareness, while offering support and hope to approximately 15,000 A

  • Child Rescue


    Child Rescue helps fund Destiny Rescue International to rescue children from sex trafficking and exploitation and help them stay free.

  • SVSG Samoa


    (SVSG) is the only org providing support, care and shelter assistance for women, babies & child victims of violence in Samoa.

  • Paw Justice Charity


    Paw Justice has zero tolerance for animal abuse. It is dedicated to ensuring animal abuse, neglect and suffering is reduced and/or eradicat