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  • ReBicycle Charitable Trust


    ReBicycle ‘upcycles’ and rehomes donated second-hand bikes with people who need them. Donations help us make to make this happen.

  • Rotary Club of St Johns Inc


    Rotary St Johns is part of a global network of volunteer leaders who dedicate our time and talent to tackle humanitarian challenges.

  • Littlemore


    Help us to ensure that every whanau has the essential baby items they need to nurture their babies and keep them warm and safe.

  • Ahuru Mowai Trust


    Ahuru Mowai Trust aims to help families of children with special needs and differences to find support, take a breath and exhale.

  • Raglan Playcentre


    Raglan Playcentre are in need of a new facility to continue providing their services in the local parenting community.

  • Tri Star Gymnastics


    Please help us fund athletes with disabilities come to gymnastics classes. We are hoping to raise $10,000 by the end of the 2017 year.

  • The Clothing Project


    Create a community that cares in Eastern the BOP. Support The Clothing Project in providing essential clothing for babies and children.