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  • Salisbury School 


    Salisbury School is the only NZ special residential (boarding) school for female students who've failed in their previous mainstream schools…

  • Blind Foundation 


    The Blind Foundation is New Zealand’s main provider of vision-related services for the 11,700 Kiwis who are blind or have low vision.



    SigJaws is a client run and managed organisation providing support for people who fall into the gaps between services.

  • Seabrook McKenzie Centre 


    The Seabrook McKenzie Trust was founded over 30 years ago, to identify children with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD - such as dyslexia…

  • Soham and Leon 

      created on 08 Aug 2017

    Please help us raise funds for another child with Autism to have an assistance dog. It will make the world of difference for their family!

    Raised: $1,380.00

    Goal: $20,000.00

  • Emerge Supported Employment Trust 


    Emerge Supported Employment Trust is a not for profit organisation which provides a range of professional supported employment and transiti…

  • Autism Intervention Trust 


    The Autism Intervention Trust supports children with autism and their families in the Wellington region. Run by families for families.

  • ROMAC in NZ 


    ROMAC [Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children] restores dignity to children from islands in the South Pacific who suffer disabilities that…

  • Wellington Deaf Society 


    For 75 years WDS has been supporting the Deaf and hard of hearing people from all over Wellington region, and today we are still supporting…