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  • Opawa Community Church


    We're rebuilding and we need help so we can help our local community. For 120 years we've been helping those in need. We want to carry on!

  • Central Easter Camp


    Central Easter Camp is for any Youth Ministry in the Lower North Island from Taranaki across to Hawkes Bay all the way down to Wellington.

  • Hearts Aflame


    Hearts Aflame is fund-raising the $15,000 need to cover the extra costs of running the summer school.

  • Easterfest Taupo NZ


    A free family festival, an action-packed weekend, a beautiful location, one life-altering reason and ... YOU!

  • MMM New Zealand


    MMM New Zealand is a Christian ministry that provides building and maintenance support to churches and Christian organisations.

  • Servants Health Centre


    Servants Health Centre is Dunedin's only free health clinic. We don't want a lack of money to stop people from getting basic healthcare.

  • MMM New Zealand Trust Fund


    MMM NZ Trust Fund raises finance for MMM NZ's work overseas. Donating here helps MMM build & maintain churches and Christian organisations.