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100 kilometres for $100K for 100 years

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2019 would have marked Sir Edmund Hillary’s 100th birthday and we are doing something serious to respectfully befit the occasion and man!

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2019 would have marked Sir Edmund Hillary’s 100th birthday (20 July 1919) and when he passed away over 10 years ago, he said he didn’t want people building monuments, rather he wanted them to continue his work in the Solukhumbu/ Everest region of Nepal.

Well that is what we did.

Over the last 10 years we have organised, and pushed ourselves to the limit, to complete a number of challenges in order to raise money for the Himalayan Trust. All have been located in the NZ mountains and forests that he loved, with a focus on tramping/ climbing something significant within 24 hours e.g. Climbing the three highest peaks in the North Island; Summiting Mt Cook/ Aoraki, Walking Two Great Walks, Completing the Hillary Trail.

In total we have raise circa $67 500 for the Himalayan Trust and on Sir Ed’s centennial year we wanted to do something extra special and set ourselves a new challenge….

100 kilometres for $100K for 100 years.

On the last weekend of February this year we are going to walk the Heaphy Track twice, well actually just the first 50km’s up and over the Kahurangi mountain range and then turn around and walk back over it – normally 5+ days of hiking.

Something serious to respectfully befit the occasion and man!

The goal is to take our $67 500 and try and get it to $100 000.

For those who want to see/ hear the huge value these funds create for the Solukhumbu – and all of the local people whether through the hospitals, medical clinics, schools, airfields, reforestation, water, etc. then check this out

The team for the challenge this time round will be made up of some returning veterans (Joe and Ken Brophy, Simon Curran, Gary Diprose, Mark Macky, Todd Male, Elton Sturmfels, Grae Switzer and David Toomey) as well as some new suckers for punishment (Raymond Barnes, Steve Hathaway, Scott Kirk, David Page, Matt Parkinson, Michael Russell and Eugene Sparrow).

Any potential donations would be hugely appreciated and as you can see provide huge benefits to Nepal (while also ensuring some old guys try to stay fit).


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Long time supporters of the trust so as to continue the legacy of Sir Ed.

All funds raised go to:

  • Himalayan Trust

    Founded in the 1960s by Sir Ed, the Himalayan Trust works to empower communities and reduce poverty in the Everest region of Nepal.

“Well done Mark and Ray, and the rest of the team!! Really proud of you all. Great effort! Donation from Mangawhai Bayleys team!”
“Glad you survived, Simon !”
“Hope it went well and you all helped each other through!!”
“Good work Scotty and team! All the best.”
“Fair play Toomey. Great cause”
“Nice work Pagey and crew.”
“Great work Macka”
“Congrats Matt Parky & team! Ginormous effort by all.”
“Go Macka, A great cause mate and good effort from you and the other mad dogs!”
“Well done - a great cause”
  • $38,284.00 donated
  • 368 generous donors

$38,284 donated


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