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Giving means you are contributing to the vital service that people in need are getting. Take this chance and give now.


The world is going through a massive pandemic for which vital help is needed everywhere. What can provide that help the fastest? A rescue helicopter. They will arrive with all that is needed to for survival and able to take straight to where is needed too.

Being active is positive for health and especially when doing so out in nature. On 15 November I'm taking part in 12km Round the Bridges run for which I am spreading awareness and raising funds for this vital service. Rescue Helicopters provide endlessly for those in need and more so with the global pandemic happening. Take this chance now to make a gift of any size. And while it may seem small to you it is when many give small amounts it grows to be a healthy contribution to what is truly needed.

Stefan Hadfield's involvement (page creator)

I'm doing Round the Bridges 12 km run and want to support one of the critical services humans need most and especially while going through a global pandemic. Rescue helicopter gives what is needed, when needed and gets to where you are fast.

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Latest donations

Yoshie on 22 Nov 2020
Good job Stefan!
John on 19 Nov 2020
Well done Stef
Deb on 18 Nov 2020
Helping the Rescue Heli to run.
Michele on 16 Nov 2020
Hope you enjoyed the run Sef.
Philip on 16 Nov 2020
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