24 hour mountain boarding marathon

$2,077 donated
Given by 41 generous donors in 11 weeks

To raise money and awareness for mental illness


I've been affected by mental illness since I was a teenager. Ive had my struggles, and more times than once have thought there's no end in sight and tryd to end it. But with the help and support of the people around me, and a lot of hard work from myself. I'm now in a position i never thought I'd ever see myself in. Living life as it should be. Seeing all the hard work Mike king has put in over the years & hearing his words for help really hit home with me. "When a good man asks for help, you get your ass up and help".

For me, mountain boarding is a perfect visual representation of my experience with depression.

Your at the top, it's calm and you can see for miles.. then you start to go downhill, and before you know it you're going so fast you can't control what's happening, you can't slow down, you can't stop. Every little bump throws you off balance, but you keep dropping, faster and faster. Before you know it your at the bottom, broken, bruised, mentally and emotionally exhausted. Looking back up to where you used to be, seems so far away. But you start the climb, back to the top. It's a struggle but you do it, one foot in front of the other, untill finally. You can see the top, you made it.

Never give up, always keep climbing, the view is always so much better from the top.

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Latest update

New date set!!!  14 September 2021

The new date for the 24 ride will be on - Saturday the 2nd of October. Starting at 11:11am. Finishing on Sunday the 3rd at 11:11 am.

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Latest donations

Hayley on 04 Oct 2021
Solid effort!
Josh Beaumont

Thank you for your donation and support Haley, I really appreciate it.

Josh Beaumont
Penny on 04 Oct 2021
Awesome Job!
Josh Beaumont

Thank you so much Penny. I really appreciate the donation and support.

Josh Beaumont
Cat on 04 Oct 2021
Josh Beaumont

Woooo over 2k!!! Thank you so much for another donation babe xo

Josh Beaumont
Brooke on 04 Oct 2021
Ha! $2000! 😀😀😀
Josh Beaumont

😌 Brooke you beautiful. Thank you so much for another donation.. and getting me over the $2000 mark..

Josh Beaumont
Ella on 04 Oct 2021
Josh Beaumont

Thanks Ella, I really appreciate the donation

Josh Beaumont

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