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Armstrong's Land Rover - Mitey Drive for Mental Health with Sir John Kirwan

  • A message from Sir John Kirwan

      28 June 2022

    "This is actually not about money. This is about saving lives. This is about changing the destiny of our mental health stats in Aotearoa."

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  • Why Donate & Who is Mitey?

      13 June 2022
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    New Zealand has one of the worst mental health statistics of any OECD country. 75% of Kiwi’s think our children will face more mental health issues than the generation before them.

    Sir John Kirwan has spent his late career fighting to improve our collective wellbeing. He believes it will take a generation to deliver real change. And together, we can change the course of mental health in Aotearoa.

    Armstrong’s Land Rover is delighted be backing Sir John Kirwan as he embarks on his Mitey Drive across the country.

    We invite you to join us in raising over $100,000 for the crucial Mitey mission.

    Who are Mitey and why is Land Rover involved?

    Mitey is a New Zealand specific, Years 1-8 approach to embedding mental health education in both teaching and learning. It’s evidence based, aligns to individual school cultures and values and is supported by a range of curriculum based resources. Mitey helps NZ children build the necessary and age appropriate skills, knowledge and understanding they need to nurture their own emotional wellbeing and those of others. Mitey believes that if children are mentally and emotionally healthy they are better equipped to face the challenges life brings.

    Land Rover NZ have an ambitious goal to raise more than $1 Million for the Sir John Kirwan Foundation. This will allow Mitey to be rolled out to 40 new schools, benefitting an estimated 11,000 kiwi kids.

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