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Assistance dog for samuel

on 19 Jul 2020

Sharee asks

Hi Angela. I am the Secretary of a Chch based charity called Branch of Hope Aotearoa, check out our facebook page. We would like to do a little bit of fundraising for your Samuel. We are going to hold a fundraiser at the Ferrymead Winnie Bagoes on 30th of August, starting at 12.30pm. I am writing to ask if you would mind me using the photo, you have here, on our facebook page to advertise the tickets? If you know of anyone that would like to buy tickets let me know and I will email them to you. My contact number is 0223963494 and I am available in the evenings. Looking forward to putting some money into the account!!. Regards, Sharee


Hi there that sounds awesome and yes no problem

Angela Ward

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