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Assistance Dog For Noah

  • 50 Generous and Amazing Donations...

      2 March 2015
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    Thank you so much to everyone for helping and making this dream a reality for us. So many of the donations come from people we have never met or know, and this in my mind is incredible.

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    • 04/03/2015 by cass

      What a great Tshirt - neat idea! Thanks to everyone who has donated, you are wonderful people. My nephew Noah is just too precious and having this Puppy Dog is going to help keep him safe and be his best friend!

      Lots of love to you all! Cass

  • Thank you to everyone!!!

      16 February 2015
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    Thank you so much to everyone that has donated to our little boy. You are all so special and we really really appreciate it!

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    • 24/02/2015 by cass

      Hi Everyone!

      WHOOOOHOOOOO! $2k!!! That is amazing!!!

      Thanks so much for all your help so far. Noah is the most wonderful little boy and his Aunt and Uncle in Canada (Adam and Cass ) love him so much. Please post this link on your facebook walls, send emails to your friends, bug your coworkers!

      Let's help keep Noah safe on the roads and in the water, lets give him a best friend!!!

      Love Cass

    • 26/02/2015 by Alex

      Thank you for supporting this family and us with your generous donations that will help us so much in breeding, raising, training and placing these very special service dogs. We hope that you will continue to keep track of the work we do by visiting our website and our FaceBook Page Assistance Dogs New Zealand.

      We appreciate any 'likes' and 'shares' that you are able to get us that enable us to spread the word about the work we do!