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Awa's 5th birthday blessings

  • Awa is now 5! Thank you for the gift!!     3 July 2020
    Posted by: Dawoon Park
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    Awa has turned 5 on Wednesday! We started the party spirit by having a small celebration at home with lots of balloons that her appapa(grand dad) has put up. Awa was excited to tell her preschool teacher that she has "3 birthday parties" (at home, preschool and church). We have been giving her gifts as her parents/grand dad (lots of stickers and make-ups are what she's been into) and some friends have also given her some thoughtful birthday gifts. Awa said she was "so happy" and that she couldn't think of anything else she'd like as gifts! We are having a "no-gift" party (unless pre-loved or homemade) on Saturday at our church building and Awa is looking forward to see friends there (and have a cake, facepainting, etc)! We are still processing what it means to "share" our gifts. We've looked at the videos of our charity groups again and talked about how lucky we are to have a full fridge of food, uniforms and shoes, and parents who can buy everything we need.. It's hard for Awa to understand how it works exactly, but most importantly, she's LEARNING to be grateful for all the blessings she has and to give up little bit of her "luxury" to help others.. Thank you SO SO much for your generosity and supporting our journey in learning to share our blessings. We are amazed to see our ambitious fundraising goal of $500 nearly getting met so quickly!!

    We hope that this was a fun way for you as well, to celebrate Awa's birthday and support some good cause on the way. We so appreciate having you in our lives and journey that we are on :)

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