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Bam Going Bald for Tourette’s

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I am fundraising for the TANZ by shaving my hair off because I appreciate the work they do for people who suffer from tics and Tourette’s.

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18 months ago, I developed severe tics, which have changed the way I look at life and the people around me.

I have never believed that you should cover up who you are, least of all with your looks. In this case, I am shaving my hair off to fundraise for The Tourette’s Association who support people like me who suffer from tics.

In the last 18 months, I have experienced loss of use of my legs, speech and sight at different times. I also have both motor tics and verbal tics, some of which are funny and others not so much.

I’d like your help in raising money for what I believe is a great cause. Tics are far more common than people think, and the more we can do to increase awareness, it will help others like me.

If you would like to follow my journey on Facebook, just search Bam Updates (excuse the shameless self promotion :-)

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Bam Worley


I want to support the work that TANZ do, as they most closely represent what I live with every day.

All funds raised go to:

“As always i'm impressed how you face life's challenges. Nice work Bam !!”
“So proud of the way you've dealt with this Bammo, very inspiring. Keep up the great workxxx”
“You are awesome Amber ❤️”
“Way to go Bam. You are going to rock the amazing new look you are soon to embrace. Proud of you for standing up and being exactly who you are xx”
“Well done Bam, you don’t know me but I know your Mum. I hope my three girls grow to be as courageous as you x”
“You are a true inspiration to us all! From Mel, Nathan and Jared”
“You are one inspiring, incredible and brave young lady. I admire everything you do in the face of adversity. Lots of love & positive energy as you continue on your life’s journey xx”
“Good job missy moo Xx 😘”
“Awesome work Amber xx”
“Go for it Bam, you extraordinary young woman!! 😊😊😊”
  • $5,075.00 donated
  • 82 generous donors

$5,075 donated

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