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Bike NZ in 30 days

  • Finished in 28 Days

      31 March 2022
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    Thank you everyone that has supported me through donations and riding with me or just small txts . Was one of the hardest mentally and physically things I have ever done, also one of the most rewarding and enjoyable adventure done. The world is full of good people out there willing to help. So if I haven’t personally thanked you , THANKS 🙏.

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  • Just about there

      23 March 2022

    Hi everyone thank you so much for your generous donations I’m sorry I haven’t replied to everyone as there is being so many more than I would have thought. Also been busy biking.So lm nearly there I should finish on Sunday the 27 th so I’m on track to do it in 28 days.Had lots of highs and lows but have been riding with some great people and people supporting me. We have had fatalities and my thoughts go out to the families affected. I t has been an amazing adventure and lots of people have been donating all over the country. Meet a lady with MS in Martinborough. It’s people like her that gives me the strength to ride. Will do a final update soon 🚴‍♂️👍Thanks Terry

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    • 23/03/2022 by New

      Hi Terry. H and I are stoked you have done this and getting all those donations for MS to boot. But we are glad you have climbed your personal Everest. We'll done Slattz. Your the man. Pete.

    • 25/03/2022 by Ann

      Hi there Terry....what a star you are.A long way from the little boy on his tricycle in Matamata.

      What a journey for you and what a tribute to Justine.

      You know Terry that I never heard Justine complain as she lost her independence.Always a smile and a wise comment.Amazing.

      Bless you Terry you have conquered NZ.

      I hope to see you at Bluff.

      Ann Monteith

  • Bike NZ

      21 February 2022

    Hi everyone thanks again for your support and donations . Only a week out to go been doing some serious training hopefully will be fit enough. Doing final packing this week going up on the 27 th bike ride starts on 28th. To follow my journey, go to then click on and type in my name. Thanks Terry

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  • Bike NZ in 30 days

      1 February 2022

    Hi Everyone, Thank you so much for supporting me on this adventure your donations are going to a great cause. Well, only 30 days to go before I start been putting in a lot of boring training some days over 100 kms. Have just had bike serviced, worn out most parts so will have pretty much a new bike to start and hopefully no breakdowns.Once again thank you and hopefully keep those donations keep coming in 👍Thanks Terry

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