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Bringing Martin Crowe's Cricket Memorabilia Back Home To NZ

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A chance for all New Zealanders to help bring some of NZ Cricket icon Martin Crowe's cricketing memorabilia back home to New Zealand.

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This page is being set up to help buy back some of the late New Zealand cricketing legend Martin Crowe's cricketing memorabilia, that is going to be auctioned off from Russell Crowe's personal collection, at Sotheby's Auction house in Sydney on April 7 2018.

The intent of this page is to purchase as many of Martin's items as we can for them to be donated to the New Zealand Cricket Museum in Wellington, for all New Zealanders young and old to enjoy and to make sure these national treasures can be enjoyed by future generations.

We feel it would be a massive shame if these items were sold off to individual collectors from all over the world, so with your help, we aim to purchase what we can for the Museum to display.

Items we'd like to bid on include the bat Crowe used to make his 17th and last test century. The Gunn and Moore Autograph blade is inscribed with "Last Test 100 (17), 115 vs. England, Old Trafford 1994, as well as the bat Crowe used to make his second century at Lord's – 142 versus England on the same 1994 tour.

These two bats alone have an estimated price of close to $5,000 NZ each, but may well go for a lot more depending on the level of bidding.

There are also several NZ one day cricket shirts owned by Crowe including from the 1991/2 Cricket World Cup, and the 1995 season, as well as the blazer he wore during the 1982/83 tour of Australia. (Please see gallery for photos of items).

The New Zealand Cricket Museum has no allocated budget for purchasing items, and largely relies on the generosity of donors in order to grow its collection and continue to protect our summer game’s taonga. For a full statement from the Museum on this campaign, visit

*We want to stress that if we are unsuccessful with any of our bidding, all money raised will be donated to the Museum, likewise, should we be successful, any remaining funds will also be donated to the Museum.

The full list of Martin's Crowe's memorabilia that is being auctioned can be found via this link:

Respected sports memorabilia collector Carl Wilson from Invercargill will help with the bidding on these items, as he has a wealth of knowledge with bidding internationally on various items through auction houses such as Sotheby's, so we are grateful to Carl for his help.

This page has a deadline of Saturday April 7th at 9.00pm, so we'd love to raise as much as we can by that time and date.

Cheers so much in advance for all of your support for giving us the chance in helping to bring Martin's treasured memorabilia back home to New Zealand, to display at the New Zealand Cricket Museum in Wellington.

*Funds may also be required for shipping costs back to NZ, and import duties etc. All funds will be paid into the New Zealand Cricket Museum's verified bank account.

Page created by:

Adam Gilshnan

West Coast

I'm wanting New Zealand's help to raise funds to purchase a number of items of New Zealand cricketing legend Martin Crowe's cricket memorabilia, that are being auctioned by Russell Crowe at Sotheby's Auction House in Sydney in early April 2018.

I feel these items are national treasures and should be on display at the NZ Cricket Museum in Wellington for future generations to admire, and be inspired by.

Martin Crowe was a NZ cricket legend, and a wonderful New Zealander, and I feel strongly about trying to help bid on these items to bring them home to New Zealand.

All funds raised benefit:

  • New Zealand Cricket Museum

    The NZ Cricket Museum preserves & celebrates our cricketing heritage, but we need your help to make keep growing & tell more stories.

  • $11,560.00 donated
  • 178 generous donors

$11,560 donated

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