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Campaign Monitor: Cycle for Christchurch

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Spinning for a cause

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What happened in Christchurch is beyond tragic. It also hits very close to home as Campaign Monitor has many employees from New Zealand (including an office located in Wellington) as well as many employees who are part of the Muslim community. Our hearts grieve for those who were affected, whether directly or indirectly, and who fear expressing their beliefs because of these kinds of acts of terror.

Therefore, as a part of Campaign Monitor's quarterly Giving Back initiative, we are hosting a fundraiser event with all proceeds going to benefit the victims and families of the Christchurch shooting.

The fundraiser will culminate with a spin class hosted by Cycology Club in Surry Hills and a friends and family happy hour at the Campaign Monitor Sydney office, where all proceeds of both the class and the happy hour will go towards the cause

We are encouraging a $20 minimum donation to take part in the class, although donations are not limited to those participating in the event (feel free to recruit friends and family as sponsors!).

Support each other through the ride while we come together to support the community in Christchurch.

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We are deeply saddened by what happened in Christchurch. As part of regular giving-back work that is core to the mission of Campaign Monitor, we are dedicating this quarter's Giving Back event to help those affected by what happened and their surrounding communities.

All funds raised go to:

“Go team!”
“Lycra for a good cause! Im in”
“Go hard Dad. Love you ❤❤”
“Go hard Age”
“Looking forwards to the eCycle class”
“Good work Adrian you machine!!”
“Great initiative!”
“Kia Kaha Christchurch and thank you to Campaign Monitor for doing this”
“What a lovely and caring idea - go hard to all those participating ❤️”
  • $5,291.44 donated
  • 65 generous donors

$5,291 donated


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