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After an exhaust falling off on my way to Napier, and a stripped bolt leading to an exhaust leak on my way back home from Wellington, plus how fun the scooter ride looked, I decided not to bring my car this year and instead ride a 1979 Suzuki GT50, which I bought in July and in a typical turn of events, on my first ride the exhaust fell off. Then the gear lever broke, then around one month into ownership and having enjoyed an estimated ~160KM the trusty Suzuki engine decide to seize resulting in 4 months at the mechanics, a new engine and more than doubling the original price of the bike.

So after all that debacle the GT50 is up and running and hopefully ready for a 300+KM journey through some of New Zealand's finest towns such as Dannevirke and Masterton. So please DONATE the dollar amount of KM's you think the little Suzuki will make or alternatively any loose change you're willing to part with! Every dollar goes to The Jolly Good Chaps Charitable Trust who will pass it on to amazing charity's such as I Am Hope.

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ALMOST 200 RIDERS  19 February 2024

Posted by: Jolly Good Chaps

We have almost met the first goal, 200 riders. As at Monday 19th Feb we have 196 riders registered. LETS GET TO 200!!!!

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Participating in Napier to Wellington 50cc Scooter Challenge 2024

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Napier to Wellington 50cc Scooter Challenge 2024

Riding 50cc scooters and raising some serious dingaling in a not so serious way.

Latest donations

Ashton on 01 Mar 2024
I was forced to do this
Kenny on 20 Feb 2024
Dylan Manders

Thanks Kdawg 😘

Dylan Manders
Steve on 20 Feb 2024
Good luck bro
Dylan Manders

Thank you Steve! appreciate it mate 🥰

Dylan Manders
Toni on 09 Feb 2024
I reckon you'll go at least 4ks
Dylan Manders

Maybe even 4.5Km?

Dylan Manders
Shelley on 29 Jan 2024
Good luck!

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