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Catherine - Get Active! for Acromegaly

  • Usual waterfront route

      4 November 2016
    Main image

    A short today. Rather tired from the previous rides. Rather strong westerly!

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  • Walk

      1 November 2016

    After 3 days of cycling my thighs and sit bones are a bit achy.

    So rest day today. Did go for a walk around Cornwall Park nd said hi to the animals.

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  • Onehunga Ambury Farm

      31 October 2016
    Main image

    Monday cloudy gentle easterly.

    Distance: 15km

    Duration: 54mins

    Max speed 24.2km/hr. Average speed 16.2km/hr.

    My all time favourite route. Going along onehunga foreshore to Southdown. Frequented by cyclists and dog walkers. Back over the old mangere bridge and headed out to Ambury Farm along Kiwi esplanade.

    Unfortunately forgot to change my glasses, this pair doesn't fit well with my sunglasses and very poor peripheral vision. Looking back over my shoulder was useless as it just makes me dizzy. Luckily it was very quiet, only saw 1 car on the return trip!

    Still needing my steroids which is a nuisance, took some before i started as I felt spacey. In the afternoon i was so sleepy. Ended up with a headache (common symptom of low cortisol) and resorted to taking more...

    Got back home and it strted thundering in the west. Glad I didn't get caught in that!

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  • Short ride

      30 October 2016

    Distance 5km.

    Woke up nice and early, went for an early ride around my neighborhood.

    Cycled up the hill to the shops, and felt my legs and sit bones aching from yesterday!

    Then a black cloud came and rained for a good 5 mins...

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  • 1st Ride - Mission Bay to Harbour Bridge Return

      29 October 2016
    Main image

    Saturday 15°C partly cloudy. SW 31km/h winds.

    Workout duration: 1 hr 25 mins.

    Distance: 16.3km

    I parked near Mission Bay and headed towards town on the shared cycle path along Tamaki Drive. Facing into a strong headwind meant my legs had to work much harder.

    The new protected cycle lane on Quay street was awesome! So much safer as there is a barrier from cars & pedestrians, just had to watch out for pedestrians were stepped out without looking...

    The viaduct was extremely busy this morning, both locals and tourists. The sun came out and it was so pleasant that I decided to keep going. Departing from the waterfront had to ride a bit on the footpath to get to the new waterfront shared path that led all the way out to the bottom of the harbour bridge. Its a 4 meters wide shared path - I wish we have more of these!

    On the way back had to go on the footpath for a short stretch again, it is a shame that cycleways are not joined up. A big Mercedes suddenly came out from a driveway, fortunately I was going at pedestrian speed otherwise I'd have gone over the bonnet...

    The conclusion is that riding on the footpath is dangerous, riding on the road is also dangerous. We need more protected cycle lanes or wide shared paths before more people will hop onto their bikes!

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  • Northwestern Cycleway

      23 October 2016
    Main image

    Beautiful weather this labour weekend, it was a good excuse to go out and ride!

    I chose to ride the Northwestern as there has been a lot of new changes since I last rode it, with many new paths done and some still being done as part of the Waterview Connection.

    It was a great ride, paths are much nicer with good wide paths the entire length.

    How did I go? Ended up taking double the amount of steriods. On the way back felt shaky and weak, worried I wouldn't make it back and will have to call for backup! Hence I gave in and took more steroids!

    I made it back safe and sound. Exhausted! Really happy about the distance that I've done - 19km :)

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  • Training

      8 October 2016
    Main image

    Finally a sunny weekend day in Auckland. I have been waiting to get out on my bike for weeks!

    Didn't manage to get as far as I hoped, had to face a 30km/hr westerly head wind.

    Had a really good time.When I got home I was so exhausted I had to lie down for an hour, developed all the symptoms of a low (fatigued, cold, shivery, nauseous, dizzy) and finally gave in and took a hydrocortisone tablet - which took an hour to work and now I'm back to normal.... well not quite... probably took too much steroids and now red & flushed...

    The joys of being a hypopit

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