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Chasing The Dragon - 1700km around Wales on foot

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    Kerry asks

    What percentage of donations from 'givealittle' will be given to Mental Health Foundation NZ?

    Are other sponsors or supporters financing you before/during/after the run?

    Will revenue from out-of-scope income streams such as books, videos, merchandise (etc) be included in the donation to Mental Health Foundation NZ or is this income personal?


    on 15 Jul 2016

    • ChasingTheDragon


      Hi Kerry,

      100% of all donations received via Givealittle go to the MHF. Unlike other fundraising platforms they don't take a cut.

      None of that money is recycled to us to fund the project - instead all associated costs are met by commercial sponsors or out of our own pockets. No sponsors are paying us a management fee, performance fee or any other form of cash payment either before, during or after the event. Should this change (and heck I'd love some cash support) we will be open & transparent about that.

      At this stage there are no 'out of scope' income streams such as books, videos or merchandise planned, but in the case that we did decide to do any of these there would be a notified contribution from all sales to the MHF. Again this would be openly and transparently communicated.

      I hope this answers your questions.

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