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Chch mosque victim family support

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    Lucie asks

    Hi have you received written confirmation from Muslim Association of NZ yet? As still not any verified info on page

    on 19 Mar 2019

    This question has not been answered yet.

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    Mia asks

    I've noticed quite a few other donation pages operating for this massacre, I was just wondering if we can get any confirmation that these funds will indeed be donated to the New Zealand Muslim Association? There's just not much information here compared to the other donation pages. Could you maybe give us screenshots/updates/communications you're having with the association?

    on 15 Mar 2019

    • Isabella Garbett


      Kia ora Mia. Thanks for reaching out. The page has now been updated a little more - it was made while sitting in lockdown on my phone and so was lacking a little information. We have had verbal confirmation that the funds will to the the Muslim Association of New Zealand, but are still waiting on written confirmation which I will post as soon as I have received it. As I’m sure you can understand under the circumstances it has taken a little longer.

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