Climbing for Waipuna x

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Given by 23 generous donors in 10 weeks

Tauranga Social Climbers support the wonderful work of the hospice and 38 times up the Mt....well.. hard can it be?

Bay of Plenty

We need your help to help Waipuna Hospice support those in need at a vulnerable time in their lives.

Tauranga Social Climbers is a group of like-minded community spirited women who want to help out where we can and this year we have set our sights on raising funds for Waipuna. Then there is the personal challenge for each of us of hauling ourselves up the Mt 38 times. Win/Win !

So thank you in advance for any donation you make. It counts, it will make a difference and we are truly grateful for your help.x

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Tauranga Social Climbers want to raise money for Waipuna Hospice because we wish to support this worthy cause with their mighty efforts to help our community .

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The Mount Everest Challenge 2018

The Mount Everest Challenge is back! Join us and Climb the Mount 38 times in 50 days to raise money for Waipuna Hospice.

Latest donations

Yellow hat
Yellow hat on 31 Mar 2018
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 27 Mar 2018
You guys rock! :) Way to support the Hospice!
Tauranga Social Climbers

Thank You so very much Ms Guest Donor for your generous donation and encouraging words. You are so right when you say "Way to support the Hospice" Couldnt agree more.xx

Tauranga Social Climbers
Mum & Dad
Mum & Dad on 22 Mar 2018
Jane Hamilton
Jane Hamilton on 21 Mar 2018
Tauranga Social Climbers

Thank you Jane for your lovely donation today. Its is so appreciated.

Tauranga Social Climbers
Maree Watson
Maree Watson on 13 Mar 2018
You ladies are amazing!
Tauranga Social Climbers

Thank You Maree for your great support. we really appreciate it and so does Waipuna x !

Tauranga Social Climbers

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This campaign started on 18 Jan 2018 and ended on 1 Apr 2018.