Assistant dog for Hunter

$22,300 of $48,000 goal
Given by 37 generous donors in around 11 months

Raising funds for an assistant dog to support Hunter to live a more independent and fulfilled life and to get out into the community.


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This is Hunter, he has just turned 10. Hunter lives at home with mum Ange, dad James and younger sisters Greer (8) and Paige (6).

Hunter has no definitive diagnosis. He is significantly intellectually delayed, non verbal and not toilet trained. His progress is constant but extremely slow and he has no concept of danger. He has few life skills and significant barriers to learning.

Hunter attends Seven Oaks School a wonderful school which concentrates on helping students to develop all of their capacity and a lot of their learning is child lead and based on ‘doing’. His time at Seven Oaks is dependent on him being accompanied by a Teacher Aide full time (which is partially funded). Hunter also attends Riding for the Disabled and we privately fund his speech therapy, physiotherapy, music therapy, gymnastics climbing and swimming. He misses his sisters as they are growing up and often off with friends or doing activities. Although Hunter has cool toys at home, and lots of people who love him ~ he does not have friendships or the extracurricular activities an everyday 10 year old boy would have.

Hunter is very social and loves to be included and outside doing things. He prefers company all of the time. He thrives on routine and familiar companions and surroundings. Family outings are always limited, challenging and stressful as Hunter needs a constant carer to keep him safe and happy. Even a one on one outing with Hunter can be taxing if he becomes upset or difficult he can just lie down and even his super strong mum can’t always get him up.

We struggle to maintain a balance both financially and socially as we try to accommodate care, therapy and learning for Hunter, also give other members of the family quality time doing the things they love. We are often split up and have other carers in the home environment to help on a daily basis.

An assistance dog will change not only his life, but the lives of everyone in our family!

When we heard of the Assistance Dogs Trust, and heard how life changing they had been for other families, we knew it was an opportunity we could not pass up. We know of another family with a child of similar age and challenges, we have seen first hand how an assistance dog has positively impacted their lives.

Not only will the dog help Hunter every day, it will also be his friend!

Assistance Dogs, when properly trained, can:

• Help improve a child's socialisation and behaviour skills.

• Create freedom for the child and family members to go out of the house safely and confidently.

• Expand a child's capabilities to experience more of life and to grow.

• Calm the child thereby giving them an increased attention span and greater aptitude for learning.

• Increase safety levels by acting as an anchor when tethered to the child.

• The dogs are trained to a high standard, just like guide dogs for the blind, they have the right to go into any public place - including, supermarkets, shopping malls, food outlets, motels or hotels, movie theatres and restaurants. They are also entitled to travel on all forms of public transport.

It costs up to $48,000 to raise and train an Assistance Dog throughout its life. Recipients of ADNZ Assistance Dogs are required to help the Charity by raising money towards the costs associated with training an Assistance Dog. The Trust relies totally on community generosity, our fundraising goal is $48,000. Every cent helps a child who really needs it.

We hope you can help us with this fund-raising mission, to provide Hunter with that much needed companionship and to make it possible for the whole family to get out of the house and into their community.

If you would like to make a donation, select the 'Donate Now' button. It's simple, fast and totally secure. If you live in New Zealand your donation is tax deductible and a receipt will be issued.

We are so sincerely grateful for any support you give us.

Thank you so much.

Ange, James, Hunter, Greer and Paige

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Wishing Hunter and his new 4 legged friend all the best for their new found friendship

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