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Ted Culley - Sanford Ltd

  • Drop Your Boss Skydive - the proof...

      9 November 2015
    Posted by: Graeme Dingle Foundation Marlborough

    A stunning day in Motueka, beautiful blue skies, good banter and after the initial butterflies... lots of smiling faces!

    Congratulations to all the Drop Your Boss Skydive participants - and a huge thanks to all those that contributed to their fundraising efforts. They did it in style!

    Abel Tasman Skydive, you guys are amazing - such a great facility, smooth operation and a super-friendly team - made for an incredible day out.

    Check out the video the Abel Tasman Skydive crew put together...

    ... I could be wrong, but I don't think those smiles are just the wind pushing in their cheeks!

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  • Mussel Bomb Away!!!

      12 October 2015

    Shirley and I motored down to Franz Josef last weekend to do the jump on Saturday. Unfortunately cloud cover postponed the jump until Sunday.

    Awoke to a stunning day in Franz so it was all on.

    The scenery from 19,000 feet was extraordinary and the jump was exhilarating. To be fair for my first time the hardest part was getting to the door!! But the 80 seconds of free fall was worth it,

    Again thanks to all the team at Skydive Franz for an awesome experience and their support of my jump.

    Once again thanks for all the support and encouragement to complete the challenge, and the support for the cause of Kiwican and FYD

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    • 16/10/2015 by Kelvin

      Incredible effort Ted, you are a fundraiser extraordinaire! On behalf of FYD Marlborough and our Kiwi Can team, a huge thanks for all your efforts - very much above and beyond (excuse the pun).

      You were the inspiration behind the DYB skydive, so only fair that you were first to take the plunge. Top work Ted, and great pics.

      Now, I was thinking about next year, we could...


  • Thanks for The Support

      9 October 2015

    Thanks you so much for all the support it has been overwhelming, you guys have been simply awesome! It is great to see the support for the Kiwi Can cause,

    A special thanks to Don Mitchell who started the bidding to push me out the aeroplane. An extra special thanks to Nick Geralis for upping the bid but also for transferring his rights to push me out to give young Kea Bradley, from Havelock school the opportunity to participate in a tandem jump. She was pretty stoked when I gave her the voucher!!

    Well the moment of truth has come I am falling out of the plane tomorrow from 19,000 feet( Thanks Kelvin) 13,000 would have been fine!!!

    Will be doing it at Franz Josef as they have a "Fat Boy" chute!!!

    One of my esteemed work colleagues suggested I should have a tee shirt printed Mussel Bomb!!!

    Thanks Russell.

    Further updates on the jump tomorrow

    Once again thanks so much for all the support

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