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George Miles' 'Ergust' Fundraiser

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Help me cover 150km through the month of August so child cancer can continue to provide incredible support for child cancer patients.

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On the 10th of June 2012 my youngest sister Phoebe went into Starship Children's Hospital at the age of four with a brain tumour the size of a cricket ball. A few days later she had a nine hour operation to remove the tumour. This resulted in a total of twenty days in Starship along with seven weeks of daily radiotherapy treatment. As imagined this was very tough on Phoebe and my family. Being ten years old at the time I never quite understood what was going on but looking back at it now it was most certainly a very hard time. Through this hardship the Child Cancer Foundation was incredible offering wide ranges of support to my sister and my family. I have decided it is time to give back to the amazing support they offer to over 150 youth cancer patients and their families annually. Since 2012 I have found a passion in the sport of Rowing, combining this passion and my desire to give back I have come up with the idea to fundraise for Child Cancer through what I have called, 'Ergust'. This combines an erg (rowing machine) and the month of August. Over the month of August I have made it my mission to erg everyday and cover at least 150km to show support to the 150 youth cancer patients that get diagnosed annually in New Zealand. I will be gaining support through friends and family along the way if they are willing to jump on the erg and bust out a few kms with me. All proceeds will be going directly to the Child Cancer Foundation so they can continue to provide incredible support to patients and their families of the horrible illness - cancer. Any donations or support, big or small will be very much appreciated by myself and the foundation.

Thank you,

George Miles.

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George Miles


Child Cancer foundation is an organisation that has helped my own family and thousands of others through the illness of cancer, I want them to continue this legacy through my help.

All funds raised go to:

  • Child Cancer Foundation

    The Child Cancer Foundation is a not-for-profit charity that provides emotional, practical & financial support to children & their families.

  • $12,372.00 donated
  • 177 generous donors

$12,372 donated



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