Essential Health Workers

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Lets get behind our health workers and set up a fund to help them.


As we are about to go into this uncharted lock down period, we realize that the sacrifice others make will be a defining factor in our history of beating this. Look at Italy and any other country that is been hit by Covid - 19 and the front line Health workers are fighting so hard, often at a huge personal burden to turn the tide. I am sure as this evolves we are going to hear stories of essential Heath workers going well beyond our expectations and putting themselves at risk to protect NZ. Lets do what we can which is obey the instructions and help contribute to this fund as a safety blanket to the Health workers for when the dust settles. I am sure there will be an official charity that steps in and comes up with a program to help and when that does we will roll this fund into it. In the meantime lets start and build that fund. Maybe we can get enough to fund a short break, pay some bills down and God Forbid if anyone loses a life helping NZ, we can help their loved ones.

Daniel Beard's involvement (page creator)

Just trying to help them while they are going above and beyond to help NZ. They are going to work for long hours and expose themselves to risks on our behalf. Often sacrificing themselves and family member commitments, they are true heroes.

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Captain Haddock
Captain Haddock on 02 Apr 2020
Thanks to all the heros on the front line. Kia Kaha
Scruff on 25 Mar 2020
Andrew on 25 Mar 2020
Dougal on 25 Mar 2020
Great idea Daniel!
Vanessa on 25 Mar 2020
Our health workers are amazing. Thanks for everything.
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