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Fundraising for Christchurch Mass Shooting Victims' Families

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All the money raised is for Victim Support. It is an organisation that helps people dealing with grieve to restore their lives.

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Update: this page was created before the official page was available. Any fund raised through this campaign is merging into Victim Support's official campaign. Thank you for your kindness.

Today is a very dark day in New Zealand.

At this point, we still don't know how many people were injured and killed in this tragic event, but we have to do something to support the victim's families, and this is the best option I could think of.

I have contacted Victim Support and spoke with their fundraising team to confirm that all the money raised from this page will be used to help our community to stay strong Victim Support website:

I am not a Muslim. I don't know anyone who was present during the shooting. But it shattered my heart to pieces when I saw the live recorded video. The shooter is shockingly ruthless, and the despair and hopelessness of the innocent people is something I cannot bear with.

Every donation counts; even one or two dollars.

This is the time we need to come together and help each other. New Zealand will never bow down to terrorism or any sort of violence that is trying to split our community.

May all victims rest in peace.

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Songyang Liu


I've talked to the staff working at Victim Support and confirmed that all the money raised would be redistributed to families of victims. May they rest in peace.

All funds raised go to:

“In times like these we MUST ALL STAND TOGETHER”
“Condolences to the muslim communities of Christchurch.”
“We all have red blood not matter what the outside appearance is.”
“Our love goes out to our Muslim Community at this tragic time”
“Solidarity from Denmark”
“God Bless our country, New Zealand”
“With all our love and heartfelt support.”
“Sending our heartfelt sympathies to the Muslim community. We cannot understand how this happened in New Zealand.”
“We are all one - love and support to everyone affected by this horrendous crime.”
“My heart goes out to the Christchurch Muslim community, families of this tragedy, and all Christchurch & NZ people. Just returned from NZ on the night of this tragedy. NZ has the happiest people. All Kiwis. Stand strong, Stand Together. You Are Magnificent. Love Concurs All. love from Colorado.”
  • $17,226.50 donated
  • 203 generous donors

$17,227 donated

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    • Victim Support Official Page: Christchurch Shooting Victims' Fund
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