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Graeme Dingle Foundation - Coddiwomples

$22,812 of $20,000 goal

Given by 146 generous donors in 7 months

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The Coddiwomples are driving 20,000 kilometres from London to Mongolia and beyond to raise funds for the Graeme Dingle Foundation.

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Thank you for making it on to our fundraising page! By now you will have visited the Coddiwomples website and learned a bit about who we are and about our adventure, but if not you can check it out here:

Absolutely every single dollar donated on this page will go to straight to the Graeme Dingle Foundation, a great New Zealand charity which works to improve the lives of young Kiwi kids across the country. Their important work helps vulnerable Kiwi kids get the best start at life, and is a cause the Coddiwomples are passionate to support.

Raising $20,000 ($1 for every kilometre we ‘drive’ in our dreadfully inappropriate cars) is an ambitious target, and we need your help to reach it. To help lubricate those purse strings, we’ve got some great incentives to be a generous giver and have a bit of fun in the meantime!

If your donation is equal to (or above) any of the following amounts, you can ‘cash in’ your corresponding reward by leaving a comment with your donation. Easy! We are also very open to any outrageous other suggestions (for the right price) – the Mongolian sky is the limit. It is all for a good cause, so get creative and we will get brave.

1. Postcard from anywhere! $75 *

Ever wanted a personalised postcard for you or your friends, signed by eight strapping young lads, directly from Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, or Kazakhstan? Today could be your lucky day, if you get clicking!

2. Video shout-out from the ‘Door to Hell’ in Turkmenistan. $100

This is truly an incredible sight (Google it), and we plan on camping right on the edge. If you’d like a personalised video shout out thanking you for your donation, you know what to do! Not limited necessarily to this specific location either, let us know – we are but humble servants.

3. Receive a gift from Central Asia. $150 *

A generous $150 will see an incredibly thoughtful gift land in the mailbox of you or perhaps a friend. We are thinking something cultural, potentially inappropriate, and certainly downright silly, all from a roadside stall in Uzbekistan or similar. (Extra cost involved for something you actually want!)

4. Name a challenge. $250

“I challenge you to ride 50km on the roof rack in the desert”. “I challenge you to ski behind the car”. “I challenge you all to do a shot of yak blood mixed with yak milk.” Do some research, and the only thing limiting you is your imagination (and our courage).

5. Your face, our car. $300+ (size dependent)

The title says it all. You print the sticker, we put it on our car. Imagine, your face screaming across the Mongolian Steppe on the side of one of the most glorious £500, 1000cc vehicles ever. Oh the hilarity. Forewarning, your face will be in a lot of pictures.

6. The Holy Trinity. $500

For your incredibly generous donation, we will return in kind. $500 will land you the trifecta: a personalised video shout-out, a gift from Central Asia, and any challenge you wish to name. And a postcard. We lied, there’s actually four things. How generous! But also an amazing contribution, so well deserved. You might even get a shout out on our website if you’re lucky.

7. Naming rights to a car. $2000 (per car)

Oh no, the Steve-mobile broke down again! Where’s the tent? It’s in Steve! This joke will never get old. If your name is Steve, (or you have a name of your own), this reward is definitely for you. And you don’t even have to use your own name! Want to see us try to explain getting the ‘Toyota Trump’ into Iran? Cough up and see it done.

Happy donating! And thank you for your generosity, it is all for a great cause. Wish us luck!

*Gifts will be delivered when the lads are back in New Zealand, so you can expect them around September 2017. We'll do our best to ship postcards directly from the most exotic destination on our route - after all, a postcard not posted is a just a card!


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Latest donations

  • C Warren

    C Warren on 13 Sep 2017


    Well done team : congrats on making it to the end.


  • William Mohammed

    William Mohammed on 07 Sep 2017




  • Lilias and Johny Bell

    Lilias and Johny Bell on 07 Sep 2017


    Well done on getting there - now you just have to come home again


  • James Cunningham

    James Cunningham on 03 Sep 2017


    Well done Harry & friends. You guys are doing so well! Have been enjoying reading the updates - a great challenge for a great cause.


  • Singapore Singlas!

    Singapore Singlas! on 01 Sep 2017


    What a video lads well done! Huge effort we have managed to get a cheeky $400


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We are The Coddiwomples - eight Kiwi lads participating in the 2017 'Mongol Rally,' driving 20,000 kilometres from London to Mongolia in the name of charity and adventure. We've partnered with the Graeme Dingle Foundation to raise funds and awareness of their fantastic mission to make lives better for Kiwi kids back home.

All funds raised go to:

  • Graeme Dingle Foundation

    The Graeme Dingle Foundation has been helping young Kiwis reach their potential for over 20 years through our school-based programmes.

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“Good luck Seb, Hugo and team, sounds like a great adventure...We are looking forward to receiving a postcard!”
“Thank you very much for the generous donation from Paul at GoldKiwi Asia! Much appreciated. - The Coddiwomples.”
“Go well! Have fun! Stay safe! Kia kaha!!”
“Awesome cause. Awesome adventure..... lots of love”
“All the very best for your epic journey Coddiwomples”
“Go the coddiwomples!”
“Best of luck team- have fun!”
“Send me a postcard :)”
“The postcard will be a wonderful reminder of you guys when you're eventually hunted down by Mongolian eagle warriors... just kidding, I have absolute faith in your survival! Good luck lads”
“You're a good man Harry”
$22,812 of $20,000 goal

Given by 146 generous donors in 7 months


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