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CanTeen New Zealand: GIVE10

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Give10 Campaign: Give $10 to CanTeen New Zealand and Spark Foundation will give $10 too!*

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It's Givealittle's Big Birthday- 10 years old!

After an incredible 10 years of Kiwi generosity, we didn't want today to just be about us - but about you too. The big-hearted Kiwis who've used Givealittle for the past 10 years. So, instead of gifts and goodies, we are sharing our celebration with the nation and fundraising for 10 charities who really need it.

Give10 works like this: For every $10 from you, Spark Foundation gives $10 too! Up to a total of $10,000 over all 10 charities.

*Spark Foundation are the proud owners and operators of Givealittle. When you give $10 to one of the 10 organisations in the Give10 campaign, the Spark Foundation will match your donation and give another $10 (Up to a total of $10,000 over all 10 charities). Please note that the "matching" contribution from Spark Foundation will be added to the pages of each of the Give10 charities in one lump sum on the last day of the Give10 Campaign (December 10th).

On this Give10 page you are donating to CanTeen New Zealand.

CanTeen New Zealand has been helping 13-24-year-olds dealing with cancer get back to living their lives for nearly 30 years. When cancer derails a young person’s life, CanTeen is there to help get things back on track. That means doing everything they can to make sure young people in New Zealand get the support they need, someone to talk to – and sometimes just the chance to get away from it all. Every day, cancer disrupts the lives of 10 more young people in New Zealand.

Have a look at the updates sections of this page for FAQs about the Give10 Campaign.

Give10 runs from the 1st-10th December.

Happy Birthday Givealittle!!

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Spark Foundation


Spark Foundation are the proud owners and operators of the Givealittle platform. For more info on Spark Foundation see our website:

All funds raised benefit:

  • CanTeen New Zealand

    CanTeen, a national peer support network created so that no young person has to go through a cancer experience alone.

  • $1,130.00 donated
  • 34 generous donors

$1,130 donated

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This fundraiser page was created on 29 Nov 2018 and closed at 09:34 NZST (UTC +12:00) on 11 Dec 2018.

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