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Godzone 2021 - Adventure Racing for Rural Support

  • We did it!!

      14 March 2021
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    Bouyed by an army of supporters, Team 59 - Coromandel 4 Square - crossed the finish line on Friday afternoon after a gruelling seven days. Godzone is touted as an adventure like no other and the organisers certainly delivered. We trekked through some incredible areas including Rotorua, Te Ureweras and the Kaimanawas amidst incredibly challenging conditions. We rode the Redwoods, down to the Whirinaki area over the Moerangi track, overland back up to the start of the Kaimanawas and from Taupo back to Rotorua. We paddled a good few Rotorua lakes, the length of Lake Taupo from Turangi to Kinloch and Lake Ohakuri. Navigating our way around the course proved particularly challenging at times but with cool heads, and fine-spirited cooperation with another team, we found a second wind to make our way to the end to finish strong. Rural Support and our farming communities were on our minds for much of the journey providing us that extra motivation to dig deep.

    We have so many people to support and have been blown away at all of the contributions to Rural Support on the back of this adventure. As well as the words of encouragement for the team, we wish to thank you very much for your incredible generosity. In particular, we wish to thank our key sponsors and contributors including our naming sponsor Coromandel 4 Square - thanks Damian!!

    Wanda from Rural Support has also been amazing. Her unwavering commitment to Rural Support and fabulous organisation is reflective of the excellent support network that Rural Support is.

    For those of you who 'followed the dot' in tracking our progress on the Godzone website, we apologise for the sleepless nights! We hear that the dot made for compelling watching over the week!

    We are looking forward to continuing our support for Rural Support, in turn helping our hard-working and deserving farming communities.

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  • Less than two weeks to go!

      21 February 2021

    We're heading into our final full week of training now ahead of the race - trying to keep our bodies in one piece and keeping good health. The excitement and nerves are certainly building - we've put so much in to getting here and it's feeling very real now!

    We're thrilled at the support you are all showing for our team and Rural Support - it is simply amazing. Thank you for the words of encouragement and your contributions for Rural Support.

    We'll keep you posted with our progress ahead of getting to that start line...

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