The Goodness Gathering for #ChildrenofSyria

$12,201 of $8,000 goal
Given by 113 generous donors in 26 days

Help provide the #ChildrenofSyria with educational support and supplies. Complete a fun 1-day challenge with many others around the world!


The next Goodness Gathering will raise money for the Children of Syria on 8 April 2017.

The 6-year anniversary of the Syrian Crisis is nearly here and heartbreakingly, there is still no end in sight. Hundreds of thousands of Syrian children face huge hurdles daily in getting an education. By taking part in The Goodness Gathering for the Children of Syria you'll help ensure they have safe places to go to school, and the learning materials they need to continue their education.

Here are some costs of getting Syrian children educated and back into school…

- School in a box kit (enough supplies for 40 children): NZ$230.00

- Early childhood development kit (enough supplies for 50 children): NZ$246.00

- UNICEF school bag: NZ$2.77

- 100 exercise books: NZ$43.00

- 100 pencils: NZ$3.20

On 8 April 2017, the challenge is to show us your best S! Spell it with your bodies, create it with your hands, find it in the world around you… Give us an #SforSyria! – whatever you can manage and with whoever you can summon! You can gather Goodness on your own, with 3 or with 300 friends! On the day, you’ll come together with others in your area who have also chosen to complete the challenge. In the same 24 hours, all over the world, others will do the same in their area.


We are often asked what a suggested donation might be. Because we come from all different situations and all corners of the globe, we suggest an amount to be what you'd likely spend on a meal out with friends. Any donation is much appreciated, to meet our goal and support our event!

When you make your donation, please specify your location in the comment field.

You can join any location listed on our Facebook page - - or you can start a new Gathering of Goodness, wherever you are in the world!

Don’t forget to ‘Attend’ our event, and ‘Like’ us on Facebook @thegoodnessgathering ...for regular updates and put you in touch with others taking part in your area! That way, we come together, have fun, meet people and challenge ourselves... All for a great cause! #becauseGoodCANbebuiltinaday

#GoodnessGathering #SforSyria #ChildrenofSyria

Lauren Joe's involvement (page creator)

The Goodness Gathering is an initiative to bring as many people as possible together, for one day and one charity... Because Good CAN be built in a day!

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This is such a great thing that you're doing! Here's just a little something to help contribute x

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