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Great North Run is half a marathon in Newcastle ,England.

Nelson / Tasman

Please, please support SCI. I am one of the founding members of SCI. It is doing ground breaking work to reduce child abuse in New Zealand. Through providing free education to communities, professionals and individuals, child abusers are now in jail. Free training means a lot of the hard work done behind the scenes is reliant on the good will and passion of the organisers. As a founding member, like the rest of the team I was working full time, I used to set my alarm for 4 am to work on initiating and progressing SCI. Now I have returned to the UK my passion to support SCI has never left me and I am so proud to hear that the wonderful and truly life changing work is building momentum and success. I see on a daily basis the effects of child abuse, which is both destructive and catastrophic. Please support SCI to continue to its phenomenal work to educate all in stopping child abuse in New Zealand.

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On September 13th I will be running half a marathon. The maximum I have ever run is 3 miles, so it is quite a daunting prospect. I have had a pretty traumatic few years with personal and health issues. I really wanted this year to be a positive year. I have been diagnosed with vestibular dysfunction. In short I only have 25% balance function in my left ear. This means I lose my balance without warning and collapse to the floor. I have thought long and hard about whether I should pull out of the run however I am determined to raise money for SCI as well as teach my children that whatever is thrown at you in life, you can always find time to achieve goals and bring happiness to others. Life's about what we contribute and not what we take. I am training hard and crossing my fingers and toes in the hope I do not collapse whilst running. Knowing people are behind me helping me raise money will spur me on and keep me going, lifting me up if I fall. If you could spare any money to sponsor me it would be greatly appreciated. In my professional role and more personally I see the terrible effects of child abuse which are life long and destroys lives. Safeguarding Children Initiative, NZ is a charity I helped set up, it delivers FREE child protection education to communities, professionals and individuals. It has had a fantastic response and the positive outcomes achieved are immeasurable, with child abusers now in prison as a direct response to the training.Please give any amount however small. The race is on BBC TV so you can watch from a far. BBC I player.Thank you so very much. Kate xx

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Good on you Kate. And great work being done by SCI!
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