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Gynaecological Cancer Awareness - in honour of Shirley Lei

  • Hair has been cut!

      22 December 2021
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    Massive chop has been done! Thank you for everyone's incredible love and support! We have raised an outstanding $7k for Talk Peach to go out there to educate and raise awareness for Gynaecological Cancers!

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  • Extending the closing date till when I get my haircut

      25 November 2021

    Hoping to get my haircut once hair dressers are open! Will update with photos closer to the haircutting day :)

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  • Doubled the initial goal in less than 24h - $4.3k raised so far!

      9 September 2021

    Massive THANK YOU! I can't believe we raised $2k in less than 24h since I promoted it on Facebook and LinkedIn. I'm very grateful to have such amazing and supportive friends and colleagues <3 Thank you very much for your generous donations!

    Please keep on sharing and educating our loved ones about Gynaecological Cancers. The more we all know about the symptoms and risks, the better off we all are <3

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  • We reached the initial goal of $2,000! Thank you!

      8 September 2021

    Thank you everyone for your amazing support! I can't believe we've reached the goal of $2,000 so quickly and I haven't even started promoting it on my personal Facebook and LinkedIn yet!

    If I can ask of each one of you to do one more thing - please continue educating yourself and sharing what you have learnt with your loved ones, the more we all know, the better we are. Thanks!

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    • 09/09/2021 by Natasha

      Incredible! xx