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Help George Raise Awareness and Funds for the NZ Williams Syndrome Association

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George is Running the 2019 ASB Christchurch Full Marathon to raise awareness and funds for the NZ Williams Syndrome Association

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This year I am running the 2019 ASB Christchurch Full Marathon to raise awareness and funds for the NZ Williams Syndrome Association. Having a younger brother with Williams Syndrome I have met some awesome people in New Zealand and overseas living with the condition. I hope that an increase in awareness in the condition will help people to be more accepting of people of all walks of life.

After initially aiming to do the half I have changed to run my first full marathon after a bet and a kind donation from James

About Williams Syndrome

Williams Syndrome is a genetic condition that is present at birth and can affect anyone. It is characterised by medical problems, including cardiovascular disease, developmental delays, and learning disabilities. These often occur side by side with striking verbal abilities, highly social personalities and an affinity for music.

Williams Syndrome affects 1 in 10,000 people worldwide – an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 people in the United States and 200 in New Zealand. Many babies may have life-threatening cardiovascular problems. As they grow, they struggle with things like spatial relations, numbers, and abstract reasoning, which can make daily tasks a challenge.

As adults, most people with Williams Syndrome will need support to live to their fullest potential. As people with Williams Syndrome mature, they often experience intense isolation which can lead to depression. They are extremely sociable and experience the normal need to connect with others; however people with Williams Syndrome often don’t process nuanced social cues and this makes it difficult to form lasting relationships.

Funds raised through this event will go towards the expenses associated with running biannual Williams Syndrome camps. Every two years the NZ Williams Syndrome Associations (NZWSA) holds a national family camp. This is the primary ‘gathering’ for the group and is eagerly anticipated by the members of the association. The camps are usually attended by 120 – 180 people. These camps are greatly beneficial for people with Williams Syndrome, parents and siblings.

For more information about the condition, check out our website, like the facebook page or follow the Instagram page || || @williamssyndromenz

Each week a new post is make sharing a story of someone in New Zealand living with the condition.

If you want to follow how my training is going, check out my instagram page @runswithgeorge

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I have been involved with the NZWSA since my younger brother Henry was diagnosed with the condition in 2005. I hope that raising awareness about the syndrome will help people be more open and accepting of individuals from all walks of life

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  • Bruce

    Bruce on 02 Jun 2019


    good luck


    • George Stilwell

      Cheers Bruce!

  • Finja Schmidt

    Finja Schmidt on 01 Jun 2019


    Bloody good work mate!! Very proud of ya!!! All the best for tomorrow... just pace yourself.... you'll be sweet !!! 👌👌


    • George Stilwell

      Thanks Finja! I tried my best to not overcook it today, still feel pretty tight to say the least!

  • Gina

    Gina on 01 Jun 2019



    • George Stilwell

      Thanks Gina!!

  • Tony Z

    Tony Z on 30 May 2019


    Good on ya George! Wasn't kidding when I said I would donate money not to run haha. Go hard!


    • George Stilwell

      Cheers Tony!!

  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 28 May 2019



    • George Stilwell

      Thank you!!

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$410 donated

Given by 9 generous donors in 7 weeks

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