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Helping the homeless - Raising funds for the Christchurch City Mission

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Let's help make a difference to the homeless of Christchurch by raising funds for the Christchurch City Mission.

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Recently I saw a sad figure walking down a street in my home city, Christchurch. The person was pushing a shopping trolley filled with their possessions but what was most haunting was they had covered their face with a threadbare blanket. I found this so heartbreaking to see a person so ashamed of their predicament that they had covered their identity.

I felt compelled to stop and help but the blanket made me unsure of how approachable this person would be. So I decided to create this give a little page to raise fundings for the Christchurch City Mission. The work the mission does for those in need is invaluable - providing ways to improve the quality of people’s lives and enable them to be more self sufficient.

As a local artist I would like to see my art helping others in a positive way. As part of this fundraising effort I am donating a limited edition giclee print of 'Everything is Temporary' a sketch of the Christchurch Cathedral depicted as a sand castle, as a gift to a randomly selected donor as a thank you from me. To see the print visit

Any amount you are willing to donate is greatly appreciated. Together we hope to help make a change to the lives of those in need.

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Georgette Thompson


After seeing heartbreaking situation of homelessness I felt motivated to help. I hope that through this give a little page we can help make a difference to those in need in Christchurch, my home city.

All funds raised benefit:

  • Christchurch City Mission

    The City Mission exists to support, care and advocate for those who are less well off in our community, treating them with dignity and resp

  • $130.00 donated
  • 8 generous donors

$130 donated

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This fundraiser page was created on 11 Mar 2018 and closed at 23:59 NZST (UTC +12:00) on 01 Apr 2018.

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